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Leadership In CONVERSATION With the Twenty First Century

Leadership in the 21st Century


The twenty first century brings its own challenges and opportunities – unique dynamics which are not always fully accommodated within traditional approaches to leadership.  This modular program provides the skills which can generate and co-construct new leadership realities.


This leadership program will adopt and develop a participatory ethos.  Within this approach the ethic of respect and dignity will be honoured.  A diversity of opinions and beliefs will be welcomed within a new leadership community, weaving a new tapestry of leadership which is meaningful in ever changing, and therefore uncertain, times.
The program will aim to generate a living dialogue on leadership, rather than imprinting leadership truths on the program participants.

“…Leadership as meaning making within such a community of practice will be discussed…”


1. Leadership Identity

- My own leadership story

- The Who I am Story

-The language of leadership


2. Leader in the World

- Paradigms and leadership discourses

- Contexts of leadership

- Community (of Practice)


3. Leadership in relationships

- Moral Leadership in a Postmodern World

- The Power/Knowledge discourse

- Spirituality

- Ethics


4. Leadership and possibilities

- Visioning

- Influencing and motivation

- Trust

Leadership Quote

“…The relationship between power and knowledge will be explored and the effects this have on leadership identity are explored…”


5. Leadership coaching and mentoring practices

- Addressing failure

- Conflict

- Change and transformation

- Case studies and reflecting

- Role play


6. Celebrating leadership

- What is next? The future story

- A Community of Leadership

Leadership Workshops

“… Leadership is often associated with the need to lead through transformation and change processes…”

.....INVITATIONS to conversations on LEADERSHIP.....


Weekly 2 hour conversations over a period of 3 months

You are welcome to join us for our fist group that will start 18 February in Pretoria
Please contact us for further information:


A 4-day workshop
The 4 days can also be divided into 2 session of 2 days each


A company or organization can select from the list of possible conversations and design their own unique programme according to the needs of the company or leadership team.




My focus as facilitator
is to create a safe space
wherein teams can achieve
the objectives they have put
forward in the needs

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