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In order to aid your understanding of the contribution I believe I can make to your organisation; I would like to explain the kind of therapy and organisational work that I am involved in.

The basic theme of Narrative ideas is that a person is never the problem, the problem is the problem. This is a fundamental concept that is applicable when working with groups, individuals and organisations. This approach, developed by Michael White and David Epston, holds that the knowledge and stories (narratives) emanating from people’s culture, families and experiences shape their lives.

The narrative approach is built around deconstructing those discourses that lead us to believe certain things about ourselves that limit our existence. When an individual internalises these detrimental discourses, it keeps that individual from reaching full productivity and staying motivated. This might impact negatively on their work, the way they are perceived by peers and the public, and ultimately influences the functioning and profitability of a company. One of the most powerful ways for people to make sense of themselves and their organisation is to tap the power of one of humanity’s oldest art forms, storytelling.

As individuals we all relate to stories because our lives are stories. When we forget this truth, we lose an important interpretive tool for discerning direction and creating meaning both personally and organisationally. The corporate narrative of any organisation provides significant insight into its future effectiveness. Listening and learning from individual and communal stories within an organisation provides the much needed context to move the organisation closer to its vision.

Whether working with one person or thousands, cultivating the rich soil of narrative enables one to locate important themes, communicate those themes, and creatively live them out in daily life.

These interventions will be conducted in the following way:

  1. It will be an interactive journey where everybody will be invited to participate and contribute at their own pace.

  2. Your needs as an organization will be my first priority and I will draw on your expertise.

  3. A safe space will be created where participants are able to tell their multiplicity of stories and life experiences.

In these Narrative interventions you will be invited to:
  • Tell your stories of life and of being part of the organization

  • Resolve problems by deconstructing the meaning of the internalised stories of self

  • Re-author your own lives according to your alternative and preferred stories

  • Re-tell the history and through ongoing re-negotiation unfold the re-visioning of your future

  • Explode the myths and negotiate values so that you can envisage the future.

  • Take responsibility and acknowledge yourselves as the experts of your lives.

  • See the problems that you face as separate from yourselves through a process of externalizing.

  • Engage in a process of emotional wellness by experiencing care and caring for one another in a non-threatening, safe environment.

  • Re-imagine your lives and your futures.

  • Learn and experience that you are meaning-makers that are contributing to the "storying," experiencing, transformation and the culture-creation process of your organisation.

  • Negotiate, co-construct, and co-shape the “telling” of each others’ stories. The telling and re-tellings will bring about transformed stories in your organisations.

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