Narrative: Consultant Coach Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process by bringing their own stories into the room.


This workshop provides participants with a first-hand experience of the Narrative process as it is applied to their own lives and contexts. Re-authoring our Extraordinary Lives invites human beings into the possibility of re-authoring and rewriting our lives, our communal and our organisational stories. Setting ourselves up as authors goes beyond just thinking in a new way but it invites us to rewrite our lives and systems in preferred ways of being in this world. The Narrative practices confront us with our freedom and invites us to appreciate and enrich the extraordinary lives we are living because our participation in the world really matters.


    Experiencing connectedness

    Celebrating my story in community

    Being listened to and acknowledged in the telling

    Experiencing the construction of a world in language

    Identify the meaning we make out of the events in our lives

    Exploring the taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas informing our stories

    Discovering and entering the alternative preferred narratives of and for my life

    Learn how to name, unpack and enrich the alternative preferred stories as you re-author your life into preferred ways of being!


Day 1

    What is your story?

    Distancing from the dominant story

    Understanding the role of taken-for-granted beliefs and power

    Taking a position on the story

Day 2

    Exploring the alternative story

    Thickening the alternative

    Celebrating the alternative story


    This workshop created the space for us all to unearth, explore and connect with our story. The amazing energy and support that flowed through each of us is a testament of the warm, welcoming space created. I was introduced to a new way of exploring story – and was given the strength to continue on this road less travelled and trust in my intuition.


    I leave with a much richer and more generative story than I came in with – and the confidence that I can live into this story, bolstered by the affirmation and the gifts I received from the community.


    Each conversation helped me explore my stories at a deeper level. The gift of conversation and real listening was so precious. I realized that my stories influence me, but they don’t have to control me and define me. I feel liberated and thankful and wiser. This time to think, talk and reflect has been such a gift.


    The workshop was pure alchemy. Through the power of words, storytelling and witnessing, I was able to recognize my own ability and courage to boldly take the leap into my own unfolding.


    This is a workshop that brings deep insight into your life. It’s like peering into deep, still waters – and then making big waves and currents you didn’t know were possible. A whole lifetime’s worth of change can happen in just two days. Remarkable! This workshop is led at a pace that allows true reflection for each participant, rather than galloping from concept to concept. That kind of special care and attention to individual growth truly fosters transformation. It’s outstanding.


    I never could have imagined the gift of freedom I would receive by attending this workshop – this experience has breathed new life into me and reminds me how connected all of us truly are – we are not alone – and we can help each other fulfil our dreams – our hopes for ourselves, our families, our communities, our friends. I learned how to own the pen and be the authors of our own lives – suddenly the possibilities are endless – a springboard for positive change – around the world.


    This workshop was a wonderful experience for me. It was eye-opening and enabled me to shift the lens from which I view my story. Reconstructing your story empowers you to move forward.


Photo by Harriet Kaufman

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